15 May 2022
The study «Developmental Architecture. Methodology of designing modern schools»
The study will tell us how to build schools for educating a well-rounded and harmonious personality. On the one hand, it accumulates many existing theoretical studies in this area, on the other hand, it takes into account many years of practical design experience of one of the leading Russian educational architecture firms, and on the third hand, it takes into account all other aspects of domestic realities thanks to the participation of a large pool of experts.  The research, on the one hand, accumulates a lot of already existing theoretical research in this field, on the other hand, takes into account many years of practical experience of designing one of the leading Russian bureaus in the field of educational architecture, and on the third hand, takes into account all other aspects of domestic realities thanks to the participation of a large pool of experts. The work has been underway for several years and is nearing completion, and you can already start learning about the most interesting discoveries in the EdArchitecture Telegram channel or subscribe to the monthly newsletter of the latest news on a specially created website. There you can also join the team of experts or participate in the formation of the most practical section on school equipment and supplies. The finished version of the study is planned to be presented to the general public in September. Russia today has launched several federal programs related to school construction. However, «Development Architectures» is not just methodological recommendations or step-by-step instructions: the study's task is to explain how and why the effectiveness of learning in a school depends on its physical characteristics and how exactly the properties of newly created educational spaces can be improved. The dissemination of this knowledge should contribute to the main goal: to improve the quality of education in Russia and the CIS. The initiators and authors of the study are ATRIUM workshop and the leading architectural publication «Project Russia». ATRIUM is a leader in designing educational projects, including Quantum school in Nursultan, Letovo school, boarding school in Kozhukhovo and more than 20 other projects that have won international and Russian awards.
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09 November 2021
School project in Nur-Sultan received Build School gold diploma
The Build School exhibition has been in existence since 2017. We are always happy to take part in it. It is an opportunity for us to share the best ideas on the topic of school building with our colleagues and to see the results of their work. We are happy that our projects are highly appreciated year after year. This is our third Build School gold diploma, which was awarded to the Nur-Sultan School project. The educational center will open in 2022. We continue to create an innovative educational environment, with two of our school projects now underway in Nur-Sultan: this one and another private school, Quantum, which opened in September this year!  Unlike her, in this golden spiral educational center, we did the work at all stages, including working documentation on the interiors. This allowed us to develop in detail unique architectural solutions such as parametric faсade, spiral staircase and others.  You can read more about this project in the article on ARCHI.RU https://archi.ru/world/93656/spiralnyi-podkhod
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05 November 2021
«The City. Talking» with Anton Nadtochiy
In «The City. Talk», Anton Nadtochiy, co-founder of Atrium architectural studio, talked about architecture in Moscow, the trend towards smart cities and once again noted that everything in this world begins with space. «Cities are now turning in the direction of the person, because they are first of all fighting for human resource. People will not go to cities where the environment is uncomfortable to live in. They pay special attention to the development of public spaces — they invest huge sums of money in parks, roads and squares.» «A specific feature of Moscow and some other cities is the huge number of industrial areas that have divided the area into neighborhoods that are not connected to each other. As the redevelopment of industrial areas takes place, territories are appearing in the city that simply weren't there before.» Watch and read the full interview at the link: https://thecity.m24.ru/articles/5258
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19 May 2021
The design of the Ruarts Foundation's new space in the hands of ATRIUM has been nominated for the AD Design Award 2021.
The multidisciplinary complex in Trubnikovsky Lane was realized as a continuation of traditions after we worked on the first Ruarts gallery seventeen years ago.  Within the framework of the project, the former profitable house was cleaned of unnecessary pseudo-classical decor and re-plastered in a noble gray shade, and its first floor was turned into an urban showcase with expanded windows. In the atrium cut three floors up, the attention is drawn to the brutal staircase under the concrete — one can say it is a trademark for Ruarts, after the same one in the gallery on Ostozhenka. The first floor of the building is occupied by a small café and a bookstore, the floors from the second to the fourth are given over to the exposition, the fifth and the sixth floors will house a lecture hall and a library, and the open terrace on the roof will become a place for chamber events. You can vote for the project on the AD Russia website: https://www.admagazine.ru/awards/design-awards/ad-design-award-2021/voting/culture-education-2021 
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